ICELAND - Land of Fire and Ice
Geological excursions 2009 and 2011
Lead by Dr. Andreas Landmann:

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ø Iceland on the globe

With volcanoes and glaciers, green highlands and barren deserts, cold fjords, hot springs and geysers Iceland has an almost unique nature. Because of its geographical location and the volcanic environment, a large part of Iceland is covered by glaciers, tundra, desert ash and lava fields. Iceland has the biggest waterfalls in Europe. Interesting is the Thingvellir National Park, located next to the grave fault zone of the divergent American and European tectonic plates. Only 2.3 percent of the land is used for growing food and hay. Natural forests aren't existing any more. Reforresting has just started. There is a small green belt along the coast, but the interior looks like on the moon, but with active volcanoes, glaciers and wild rivers. The 2,400 km from Germany away located and largest volcanic island in the world is a wonderful but also expensive destination that impresses with breathtaking beautiful natural landscapes.

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click to enlarge picture The excursion area in the south-west of Iceland
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The route (yellow) of the excursion trip 2009 (ø click on image)

Pictures and information of the trip 04/08/0209 till 13/08/2009
The route (yellow) of the excursion trip 2011 (ø click on image)

Pictures and information of the trip 26/07/2011 till 04/08/2011

The Icelandic coins