Collecting of minerals [Click on pictures to enlarge them and to get explanations]

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Sometimes we collect minerals in our gemstone area of Germany around Birkenfeld / Nahe and Idar-Oberstein .
After plowing (and rain) they are to be found just on the field (agates, crystals, jasper), or as usual in quarries.

Our cutting and grinding machine for processing the findings

Obsidian.jpg Olivine.jpg Vesuv.jpg Stromboli.jpg M010.jpg

Obsidian / Landmannalaugar / Iceland

Olivine crystals / Blue Lagoon / Iceland

Volcanic rocks from Vesuvius / Italy

Volcanic rocks from Stromboli / Italy

Sulfur crystals / Vulcano / Italy

Actually, we didn't care for stones before we moved to this area... now we go even on geological excursions abroad.

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Black Forest : |  -----------------------------------------   The Black Forest is a worth destination, mainly the heap of the mine Clara in Oberwolfach.  -----------------------------------------   |

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Black garnet: Hannebacher Ley

Mica from the wall of the Bausenberg

Augite from the wall of the Bausenberg

Hauyne - next to Wingertsbergwand

...a dangerous hobby?

Eifel: |  ---------------------------------------------------   Microscope images of findings in the vulcanic Eifel   ---------------------------------------------------   |